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Luna Bracelet

Luna Bracelet

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Delicate natural freshwater pearl bracelet for women is made with intention to let women to tap into their femininity on a deeper lever through women’s feelings and emotions.

All Irina Jewelry is made with our original approach of Psychology & Fashion combined which gives every jewelry piece a very deep meaning. However, it doesn’t have to be worn only by the meaning, you can also wear Irina Jewelry for Fashion purposes and elevate your style and your mindset simultaneously. 

Pearls bring very light, gentle, wise and feminine energy to the wearer, the Moon is a symbol of nature, femininity, women’s cycles and subconscious. 

Together Pearls and Moon will always remind to the wearer to follow the intuition, listen and feel the body and accept themselves. For better results, it’s recommended to wear Luna Bracelet in the left hand as it’s a Feminine side of the body 


  • 6-7mm Natural Freshwater Pearls 
  • Non-Tarnish Gold Plated Brass 
  • 1.5” Extension Chain 
  • Choose your size when ordering 


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