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Rose Heart Ring

Rose Heart Ring

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Rose Heart Ring is a part of a Chakra Ring collection. This ring is stretchy, therefore it’s easy and comfortable to wear it as it’s very soft and gentle on your finger, especially if you don’t like the tight & heavy feeling of regular rings. 

This ring is intended to bring awareness to your relationships with yourself and people around you, including romantic partner. 

This ring can help you to improve: 

• your personal feminine confidence 

• become gentle with your movements 

• be aware of how you speak 

Rose Quartz and Heart Pearl have gentle and loving feminine energy, so if that’s what you focus on right now you can wear this ring on a left hand. Every finger has a different chakra and intention, you’ll get all the information, instructions and exercises with your order. 

Choose your size in the menu keeping in mind it’s stretchy. Feel free to message me here or my Instagram with any questions. 

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