Birthdays are so precious therefore it is important to give special and thoughtful gifts. A lot of times it's so hard to choose the right gift for our loved ones. 

Here's good news! What if we can choose something special according to zodiac specifics of a person? Let's start this month with Taurus!

Below you will find 3 Taurus qualities when you are looking for a perfect gift:

1. Taurus is aesthetic: they like good life, priorities comfort, enjoy beautiful things and have good taste. 

Knowing this quality, choose something beautiful that feels nice, smells and tastes good.

Speaking of jewelry, natural stone beads are very smooth which is very nice to touch, plus, having energy doubles up the feeling. For the smell quality, there's porous Lava Stone where you can put Taurus' favorite essential oil. 

2. Patient: live slower pace, consider every move.  In this case sometimes it can also mean slow, to speed up decision making and action taking, Tiger Eye is the best stone for Taurus.

3. Quality: Taurus love good quality and long lasting things, choose durable jewelry, like adjustable (pull string) bracelet, they are the strongest, especially for men. 

 You can also personalize your gift by adding stones that are good for Taurus:

  • Rose Quartz: helps to balance emotions, elevate self-esteem and confidence, dispel anger and brings positive energy to wearer  Also helps to heal broken-hearted 
  • Carnelian: helps to enhance creativity, stop self-criticism and release stress & anxiety
  •  Tiger eye: helps to enhance willpower, stimulates taking actions and get money making ideas

I hope these tips will help you to make your search easier and make your love ones feel special at their special day of the year.

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