Our mind is a very beautiful and interesting thing. It can let us be the best of ourselves or block us from all the opportunities of our life. It only takes a thought and belief to be very close to our dream or make it unachievable. It only takes a thought to enjoy our life or feel miserable. Obvious question comes here: how to use our mind to our benefit? There are different ways how to do it, in this article we are going to discuss the one that everybody can do and you don’t need anything for it. It only takes 3 steps.

First is meditation. Meditation practices have become so popular nowadays. We hear it everywhere and from everyone. However, a lot of people feel intimidated by it because they don’t know how to do it. We are so used to rules and specific and the only right ways to do things that we are afraid to start trying new activities. I am an advocate of simplifying our life and doing it your own way. Especially when it comes to spirituality, it’s your relationship with yourself and your mind, nobody can tell you what’s better for you. Mediation is the same way, everybody meditates differently, people look the same during meditation but it’s so different inside of our heads.

Meditation helps us to calm our minds. It helps us to be away from our fears, worries and reach different level of being. Relaxed. Calm. Sharp. Fearless. Limitless. In order for us to start creating our future in our head we need to be in this state of mind where we don’t have limiting beliefs that frame our thinking into something we already know.

Next step is manifesting that you just created in your limitless mind. Manifesting is to make evident or certain by showing or displaying by Webster Dictionary. That’s what happens during manifesting, we allow ourselves to experience the future reality. We can use it to attract business, relationships, health, whatever your mind is open to. During manifesting we live our dreams in our mind which makes it easier to become true due to high vibrations and communication with something that far beyond our understanding.

Third part of the ritual involves our body when we write down the results of our mind work -  journaling. According to Forbes “ people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals”. Writing down our dream/goal is the first taken action for our mind. It is a part of the next step of planning which is a map to our goal. After that, your next action is only to start “confidently walking” towards your dream. No anxiety. No fear. No stress. Just confidence. Faith. Smile. And gratitude.

These are three simple steps you can take to make your dreams come true. You can do alone at home or join our group on Sunday, February 2 to get guidance from practitioners and be surrounded by people who are in the same journey as you are. The day chosen specifically to catch the energy of New Moon which represents new beginnings and realising old stuff, plus we are going to meditate with Clear Quartz Crystal - Clarity Stone that Helps to see things more clearly, clear mental blocks, Aids in creativity and Stimulates positive thoughts by Irina Jewelry.

Meditation, Manifesting & Journaling is an easy and working technique to implement into your routine that you can practice anywhere and anytime. It will make you feel more positive, relieved from stress and most importantly more confident about your future, which automatically decrease worry and anxiety.