It's not something new what you are going to read now but you have to be self-aware to notice these thing in your life. Your surrounding matters! You are what & who you are surrounded with. Your friends and family members influence your thought process, therefore your mindset and your future action or its absence. 

Unfortunately most of the time our close people discourage us from taking certain actions, going after what we truly want and be who we really are.  It happens because they want us to be safe, safety for them  means something familiar to them, something that worked for them. If they haven't tried something or it didn't work for them, automatically their safety  alarm system goes on and tells them DON'T YOU DO IT and DON'T LET ANYBODY! 

It's good to understand that before you make a decision on creating your own pattern to your own vision. That's where like-minded people come in handy and supportive. People who understand that there are different ways of living, thinking and being. 

Therefore, first step on the journey to your own success is to find that group of people. It's not an easy process but it's doable and it's worth it.

Here' are couple events where you can meet your support system and be that system to someone else. Depending on what you enjoy the most and type of events and activities you prefer. 

Goal of both events is to connect people and help them grow together, learn from each other and empower for better results.

Goal-getters book club - workshop This club is designed to help you learn & develop your communicational & business skills through reading, taking notes and discussing books of leaders and scientists.

Networking party-meeting for entrepreneurs, young professionals This networking session is created sharpen our communicational skills while we introduce our products & services, encourage productive feedback, find solution for our challenges and meet like-minded individuals and grow together.

If you're not in NYC, don't give up on your dreams! We got you covered as well! Don't forget about stone energy that will put to into right path and protect from negativity. Tiger Eye necklace will help to avoid unnecessary purchases and keep creative ideas flow and Agate will keep you positive & Onyx will be your shield from negativity.

Everything is in your hands, you are responsible for the outcome because only you can make it happen or not. You are the one who choose friends, partners, places to go and activivites to be involved in. Now is the time to choose what benefits You, what makes You happy, what brings you closer to Your dreams.