All my life I have a big problem falling asleep. I go to bed and it can take me about 2 hours to fall asleep. Not fun at all!Especially when you have to work, be active, smile and be positive all day long. 

Sleeping is the most important part of our life along with food we put in our body. Good sleep helps with keeping your heart healthy, improves your memory and reduces stress levels. Plus, sleeping helps to lose weight, more you sleep, more you lose in weight, because you start eating less when your hormones that effect appetite in balance ⠀

In my opinion, if you can’t fall asleep there’s something wrong in your body and sleeping pill won’t fix it but may make it worse ⠀Some of the reasons won’t let you fall asleep as fast as you would like are:⠀melatonin levelsstresseating before going to sleepcaffeineusing phone, TV, computer before sleepworking on something exciting⠀

Here 7 things I do to fall asleep quicker ⠀

* Take relaxing/ stress relief tea:Ginger, lemon & honey or you can get ready-to-use herbal tea⠀

*Stop doing intellectual work 2 hours before bed because you will start the thinking process in your brain, you’ll get new ideas, get excited which means you won’t fall asleep any time soon 

*Do something monotonous and pleasant: like putting cream on your body, especially the one that smells good,  for me I like making jewelry at night with prepared designs so I don’t have to think, I can just make ) 

*Brash hair ⠀

*Read something uninteresting ( I used to read German philosophers, they were pretty difficult so I fell asleep quickly ). But don’t read self-help, business books because you will start your thinking process and won’t relax.⠀

*Spray Lavender oil in your bedroom, it has relaxing effect⠀When you’re in bed you can listen to something (no headphones though): rain/nature sounds, guided meditation, actually anything that has calm voice and ⠀

*Amethyst & Howlite Stones are calming and stress relief crystals that you can put under your pillow. You can find stones on my⠀

*And the last and most important one: be consistent with the time to go to sleep and waking up⠀

These are tips that help me every day and I tried almost everything that I found, and believe me I searched a lot and used every single thing to improve my sleeping, but only these helped me for now, if I found more I happily will share again.