Nowadays there are a lot of available and affordable practices that people use to bring themselves to balanced and harmonious life. One of the easiest ways is using natural stone energy.         

     Using stone and crystal energies is becoming popular again. It is one of the ways to stay closer to nature in our big city full of electronic and construction inventions. All these innovations have their bad energies that cause depression, anxiety and all kind of fears.

     Everybody heard of that because as long as we have existed as a species we have had an affinity with crystals and stones. Every stone and crystal has its own special energy that surrounds you if you wear it. Usually people wear stones and crystals as a jewelry: pendants, necklace or bracelet so they have contact with your skin which works better.

     Below you will see powers of Tiger eye, Onyx, Rose Quartz and Agate Stones. 

Tiger Eye 


  • Release your fears and anxieties
  • Gives you courage, strength of mind, self-confidence to tackle anything that will come your way
  • It will help you to accomplish your goals because your focus and creativity will be greatly enhanced
  • Fills you with confidence and optimism, all feelings of lack and being incomplete will be dispelled
  • Improves the sense of self-worth
  • Decreases desire to spend
  • Excellent stone to have with you if you’re looking to increase your wealth and boost your money flow
  • Its energy can help bring your dreams and desires to fruition
  • Helps when switching careers
  • Helps to think clearly and be bold to do what needs to be done
  • In relationships, it will help you to understand how you’re truly feeling and give you that that needed push in the right directions: break off or take it to different level


  • Helps to get rid of negative perceptions
  • Helps you on move on feelings of sorrow and depression
  • Infuses you with feelings of hope and positivity
  • Helps to improve your ability to face people, to speak in front of large crowd
  • Strengthens your discipline and self-control
  • Brings energies of good fortune, abundance and prosperity
  • Helps to you to control sexual impulses
  • Promotes harmonious relationships
  • Helps you to be organized
  • Stabilizes your moods
  • Protects you from manipulations
  • Absorbs negative energy

Rose Quartz - Stone of Unconditional Love

  • Helps with personal growth and spiritual developments
  • Strengthens you to deal with trauma and stress
  • Helps during depression
  • Stimulates intellect and imagination
  • Attracts a lot of good luck
  • Good to have it with you on job interview, signing a deal
  • Helps you to stay grounded and prevents from rash decisions
  • Attracts love and self-love
  • Helps to restore peace, trust and harmony in relationships
  • Helps to heal broken hearts
  • Keeps away bad energies like jealousy, insecurity, fear

Agate - Stone of Strength

  • Calm, elevates and uplifts you
  • Keeps you energized and empowered
  • Infuses you with happy and fun energies
  • Encourages you to make use of your talents to change your life for the better
  • Encourages you to take the necessary action with wisdom and authority
  • Helps to maintain positive attitude
  • Helps you become more secure about yourself
  • Helps you to forgive yourself
  • Helps to overcome obstacles