Past events

Mar 27

Interview Converstations

We are starting online interview conversations to spread positivity and share tips how to deal with challenges. Interviews are online on Instagram @irinajewelrynyc Schedule: March 25, 7 pm - Amber: Light worker/ tarot reader March 27, 2 pm - Jasmine: organic skin product maker/ founder March 30, 5:15 pm Luiza: yoga & wellness enthusiast Tune in and let us know if you'd like to share your tips as well

Mar 8

Meditation through crafting a bracelet with Crystal Beads. Keep the bracelet

Living in a tough modern world, we forgot how to be a true woman: soft, gentle and relaxed. Crafting helps us to waken up our femininity relieve stress focus on the moment We are also going to use Rose Quartz Beads - Unconfitional Love Crystal Helps to balance emotions Brings positive energy Helps to raise self-esteem Helps to dispel anger During workshop we will talk about crystals, learn how they work. We will make a bracelet for ourselves and meditate with it. I will show how to make it, usin

Feb 19

Every Wednesday Goal-getters free workshop every week

Welcome to the club of people with big dreams and drive to reach them. This club is designed to help you learn & develop your communicational & business skills through reading, taking notes and discussing books of leaders and scientists. The main goal of this club is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who thrive to succeed with NO EXCUSES. Our first book is going to be No Excuses by Brian Tracy you don't have to read the book, at workshop we are going to do exercises, discuss and l

7:00pm - 8:30pm EST

Starbucks 350 5 Ave, New York, NY 10118

Feb 18

Every Tuesday Networking dinner for freelancers, entrepreneurs, young professionals and small business owners

Join us for networking session every Tuesday at 7 pm at a place full of creativitity & productivity And good food. Who this event for: everyone who is going after their goals & dreams. This networking session is created for: Sharpen our communicational skills while we introduce our products & services Encourage productive feedback to keep improving Find solution for our challenges Meet like-minded individuals and grow together Your welcome to Bring samples of your products (flyer) Sess

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