Meet the founder Irina Kanaeva

Meet the founder Irina Kanaeva

My name is Irina Kanaeva. I am a founder, designer, coach and speaker at Irina Jewelry with at least 12 years experience in coaching and more than 20 years in jewelry making helping entrepreneurial women to develop mindset of peaceful life to succeed in various areas of their lives with peace, joy and love. 

I started working since I was 9 years old and had a chance to experience most of the professional fields starting from the bottom: Gardening & Farming, Cleaning, Food industry & Serving, Surgery department at 16 years old, 7 years playing in orchestra, Social projects for students and orphans, Psychology Center, Multi level marketing, Politics, Finance, PR & Marketing, Retail, Fitness & Wellness, Real Estate, Education 

Having all that experience from different fields, I created my own methods of helping people to achieve their goals and stay true to themselves with Fashion + Psychology Therapeutic jewelry concept, Meditation through crafting and dancing workshops methods that allow participants to unite mind and body to relax, reset and manifest. 

Specializing in preventive work, I use that experience in both fields: jewelry and coaching, by creating designs that will suit most of occasions and looks where each peace of jewelry made with natural stones and has a deep meaning to it. In the area of coaching, I follow methods that solve roots of the problem, not just easing the symptoms which allows clients to create a healthy and abundant lifestyle. 

Being passionate about mind, I started learning psychology since I was 10 years old which allowed me gain numerous certificates and diplomas internationally. My workshop had a successful outcome among participants worldwide. 

Having mindful and peaceful mindset isn’t only work goal for me, it became a lifestyle which I maintain by doing mind exercises and meditation, listening to classical music, doing mindful walks and keeping work & life balance. 

To get in touch with me, visit contact form to send me a message or visit my instagram 

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